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System Layout - Plant:
The TAL System overhead conveyors bring in the BIW from different welding lines of commercial vehicles to Paint Shop for body painting.The BIW get through Taiki Sha (Indo-Japanese Firm) & Webb India System for chemical processes before painting starts which are: Hot Water Rinse, Degreasing, Phosphating, Passivation, Cathode Electrode Deposition, DI & UF Rinse and Electrode Deposition Oven.

The Taicom System (Japanese Firm) has 16 Robots that paints the vehicle body by Base, Clear, Surface & Top coating layers of colors in 100% dust free environment. All the way, Vinar System roller bed conveyors inside plant convey vehicle body .

The TAL System overhead conveyors returns out the painted bodies to their respected assembly lines of commercial vehicles to J-Block for final assembly.

System Layout � PLC & SCADA:
TAL, Taiki Sha, Taicom, Webb and Vinar System consist of total 53 Q-Series Mitsubishi PLCs. 20 PLCs are in communication by CC-Link to 33 PLCs having Ethernet communication with SCADA through Ethernet switches. Total eight industrial Ethernet switches are used, seven for PLC & one for SCADA PC, PLC PC and Color Printer. These Ethernet switches were connected by Optical Fiber in Mix Topology for communication redundancy.

The maximum delay in communication of PLC � SCADA is not more than four seconds for the longest communication route in system as follows:

PLC (CC-Link) > PLC (Ethernet) > Ethernet Switch (Optical Fiber) > Ethernet Switch (Ethernet) > SCADA PC.

End User : Tata Motors, Pimpri, Pune

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