Products and System Solutions

Schmersal develops and produces an extraordinary wide range of high-quality switchgears for the protection of machines and plants in industrial automation and lift industry.

The comprehensive range of more than 25,000 products includes safety switches, solenoid interlocks, emergency stop - switches, security sensors, safety mats with safety function, photoelectric light barriers and end switches, which include limit switches, position switches and micro switches.

Based on this program Schmersal configured, within the scope of the "Safety Services" tailor-made systems and industry solutions for machine safety.

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Microswitch / Door switch
Safety Door Switch
Safety Relay
Solenoid Interlock Switch
Pull-wire emergency stop switches
Foot Switch
Safety Tactile Sensor / Mat
Magnetic Safety Sensor
Position Switch
Two Hand Control Panels / Switch
Safety Light Curtains / Grids
Key Transfer system