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Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System

A set of advanced development tools suitable for any process management application, allowing communication with virtually any system, from industrial plants to building automation.

Using one or more computers connected on a network of electronic equipment, the software can display and manage every detail of process, supplying up to date information such as temperatures, pressure, production units, machine stop time and many moreā€¦

National Instruments
Graphical Development Platform for Design, Control and Test
Since in introduction in 1986, engineers and scientists worldwide have relied on LabVIEW graphical development for projects throughout the product design cycle, gaining improve quality and greater engineering and manufacturing efficiency.

Product Highlights

  • Easy-to-use graphical development environment
  • Tight integration with a wide range of measurement hardware
  • Rapid user interface development for displaying live data
  • Extensive signal processing, analysis, and math functionality
  • Multiple communication options (TCP/IP, UDP, serial, and more)
  • Support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit) and Windows Vista/7 (64-bit)

Elipse SCADA & National Instruments LabVIEW Software Applications

  • Offered Customized LabVIEW Solutions development and commissioning from 1996 for application in testing rigs, fast data acquisition, energy, and oil & gas fields.
  • Over 1,500 installations base of SCADA packages in India. Installation base spreading at a rate of 25+ installations per year.
  • It is a family of configurable software running on single computer or multiple computers capable of communicating with any electronic hardware such as PLC, PID and offering MIMIC displays for plant status, Alarms management, Real Time Information storage and text as well as graphic reporting of the same.
  • Scope includes supply, application development, driver development as well as field commissioning.
  • Executed Elipse Projects in China, Germany and Italy. Also on various cargo ships worldwide.