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System designing and specification of the project, along with the customer to meet their requirements. 

  1. Hardware & Software selection.
  2. Preparation of Configuration drawings and Control philosophy
  3. Panel design and Cable Scheduling
  4. Third party devices integration and testing
  5. System functional testing as per the customer requirement
  6. Inspection by the customer and Final Acceptance Test (FAT)


  1. PLC Programming Software, Suitable for all Mitsubishi PLC such as GX Developer / CoDeSys
  2. HMI Programming software for GOT& Beijer Products
  3. SCADA Configuration
  4. Plan and preparation of flowcharts and algorithms for control philosophy
  5. Ladder Logic and HMI Software development
  6. Driver development for third party devices


  1. Technical assistance to the customer in the installation and commissioning of scope of work
  2. Installation and Commissioning of the system to the satisfaction of the customer
  3. System operational training to the operators
  4. Maintenance training to the Maintenance Engineers
  5. Documentation & Maintenance manual of the system
  6. Preparation of General Arrangement drawings, loop diagrams and interconnection diagrams using Auto CAD software

After successfully commissioning and completion of project on site, provided detail documentation hard copy with proper share photo included following points.

Document supplied can help end user to reduce downtime and help to easily identify faults.