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Anilogic: Animated training package for Programmable Logic Controllers.

Windows Based
Several Real Time Examples
Online Connectivity to Mitsubishi PLC
Powerful Help
A complete introduction to ladder logic basics
Medoc Programming package
On line Simulation guide to user

About Anilogic
Ani-Logic is an Interactive Training Solution for Users / System Integrators / Distributors Of Mitsubishi PLC. In today’s environment of automation, the importance of Programmable Logic controllers has rapidly increased. As the controlling equipment is becoming more & more powerful and complex it is essential for in-depth knowledge of these systems.

Research shows that when abstract concepts are brought to life through animation and visualization, retention levels and understanding will increase. Ani-Logic a new Windows based training package that turns your existing PC into Simulator for PLC. Detailed courseware provided with Ani-logic introduces the basic principles of PLCs, it instructions student can test the result of instruction through interactive realistic control scenario.

Training Facilities

Training Facility For Customer: As per customer requirement basic training provided in PLC, SCADA, VFD and Servo Drives. These courses are available separately or all in one package. Training period varies from two days to one week.

Training Facility For Students: On Job training on Live Projects
Four months training facility for students. All syllabuses covered in four months, also given on site experience to students. Training manuals are provided covering syllabus and logic examples. Theoretical and practical sessions are balanced to make candidate competent in programming and troubleshooting. At the end of training program candidate can make the PLC Program, identify and rectify the problems. Mimics are available for students practice.